Drawn form Black, Camera Infinita, AIS Shibukawa, Japan, 2009

Drawn from Black is a light drawing, created by daylight falling through incisions in at sheet of black vinyl attachted to the gallery window. When light catches the back of our eyes, reversed images are transported to our brain. The image’s journey between retina and brain describes perception as a spatially active event, although inside the human body the actual distance traveled remains immaterial and imagenary. The obscure interiors of the mind allow this distance to expand and contract like a concertina. There is no indication of the degree of transformation happening to the image on its way

Drawing drawn from black, drawing drawn from light.
Above: FIS Athlone, Passionfruit Theatre, Ireland 2009
beneath: Masterclass, Vitrey, France, 2008

An ongoing series of interventions of constructing three dimensional drawings with string. From one central point connections are made with the string to form a structure. The captured light shows the constructed space.