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Omorocompact AIS Gallery Shibukawa, Gunma (Japan)

I feel light and the wind seems to go right trough me. I glaze at the browns and greens of the sea. Waves bring off white foam to the shore and blends in with sand blown off from the beach. I start to collect the water from the waves when the tide rapidly moves in.  Sandblasted and coated with the taste of the sea I set my way home. The substance obtained from North Sea water, which in alchemical terms is considered to derive from all four elements: ‘fire freed from the waters of the earth by evaporation’. What remains to be seen is a captured landscape pure, simple faceted and transparent, showing endless growth and reformation. A tiny fragment of halite, the unity of metal and gas bonded together and crystallized in cubic form, the resolution of opposites.

Part of a group exhibition Omorocompact with; Julia Martin, Martina Klein, Naomi Hennig, Linda Arts, Miriam Walsh, Shinya Aota, Takayuki Yagi and Art Institute Shibukawa.